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Here you’ll find upcoming topics of interest, guests, as well as links to listen live and hear the audio archives of previous shows.


Learn more about optimizing your health and well-being, and align to your highest self in all areas of your life.


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About Travis

Travis, founder and owner of Empathic Healing, has been in working in the field of energy medicine since 2007.  Always an inquisitive, concrete sequential thinker growing up, it came as a bit of a surprise initially when he first laid hands on a participant in a Reiki workshop.  He saw that one of the participant’s organs was inflamed and needed attention, and when describing what he perceived, the participant confirmed it.

Since then, Travis furthered his journey into various areas of intuition and multi-sensory experiences and began a private practice providing Reiki treatments and other modalities of hands on and intuitive treatments.

Travis believes that we are co-creators with the universe and everyone has unique gifts and abilities to access their divine nature, to heal, and to align with their destiny.

“We are all powerful beings and we can always be reminded about how to use our own inner guidance when faced with decisions to make or directions to take.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share in these moments of expansion, growth, and understanding with everyone I work with.”


Travis Taylor
R.M.T., J.D., Rev.

People Who Have Worked With Travis Say

Laurel Kelly

“Travis shares his beautiful open heart in a way that makes it safe for you to ‘show up’.  It is quite a gift. He allows you the safety necessary to be who your soul knows is possible.”

Laurel Kelly
Marie Manuchehri

“I had the extreme pleasure of mentoring Travis for two years.  His innate presence with source energy, and joy of teaching, have proven to be powerful tools for healing.”

Marie ManuchehriRN, AuthorIntuitive Self-Healing
Christopher Lindstrom

“One word describes Travis Taylor… phenomenal! I am proud to call Travis my mentor. He works on multiple levels and dimensions of existence to get to the root cause of a problem or issue; He has helped me work through numerous ego based limitations which once held me back. Since my time working with Travis I have grown in my awareness, strength and vitality.”


“I can honestly and emphatically say that I got more out of my one hour session with Travis than in my three and a half years of therapy.  I received answers that I had been searching for my whole life and when I left, I finally felt whole.”


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